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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Paradiso Perduto

I read Dickens' Great Expectations in greek, when I was a kid and it was the kind of unforgettable story that haunts you for a long time. Then I read it again (in english this time), as a part of my studies and much later, when I watched Alfonso Cuaron's film, a whole familiar world became alive. I have to admit that Paradiso Perduto abandoned mansion was beyond my imagination and I recently discovered not only that it exists in Florida but it's a famous tourist attraction called Cà d’Zan (House of John).

The Mansion via daily classic

Two pictures by photographer Nina Sutherland from a wedding that took place in Cà d’Zan

A film in all shades of green.

Two pictures in the mood of Paradiso Perduto.

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