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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deux Antiquaires

Ces sont les couleurs (plutôt non-couleurs), meubles, lustres, fleurs, accessoires etc. que j'aurais choisis moi aussi. C'est une maison élégante et harmonieuse, mise en scène comme une grande composition classique pleine des natures mortes, qui me fait rêver... 

Shades of Love

An image: One thousand words (of poetry)...
The famous painter Dimitris Geros, photographed famous artists to represent through the art of photography the focal scenes of Cavafy's poems. Some of the most famous artists of our times posed for him: Gabriel García Márquez, Naguib Mahfouz, Gore Vidal, Michel Tournier, Carlos Fuentes, Edmund White, Richard Howard, Olympia Doukakis, Arman, Tom Wesselmann...
The magnificent result can be seen in the album entitled "Shades of Love" by Insight editions.


Του μέλλοντος οι μέρες στέκοντ’ εμπροστά μας
σα μια σειρά κεράκια αναμένα -
χρυσά, ζεστά, και ζωηρά κεράκια.

Οι περασμένες μέρες πίσω μένουν,
μια θλιβερή γραμμή κεριών σβυσμένων·
τα πιο κοντά βγάζουν καπνόν ακόμη,
κρύα κεριά, λυωμένα, και κυρτά.

Δεν θέλω να τα βλέπω· με λυπεί η μορφή των,
και με λυπεί το πρώτο φως των να θυμούμαι.
Εμπρός κυττάζω τ' αναμένα μου κεριά.

Δεν θέλω να γυρίσω να μη διω και φρίξω
τι γρήγορα που η σκοτεινή γραμμή μακραίνει,
τι γρήγορα που τα σβυστά κεριά πληθαίνουν.

Κ. Καβάφης

"Mano Bello" or fairy's fingers

Do you believe that leather roses can look more beautiful than real ones?





Looking at these pictures, I do believe so!

On the beach

Maybe it's not appropriate to post about beach style when it's snowing outside, but these photos are dedicated to Valia, who is decorating her house by the sea. She's thinking about New England coastal style, so here it is:

Some basic guidelines to achieve the "coastal living" effect:
* Natural materials such as wooden floors, ceilings or white   wooden panels on the walls.
* White for background color, combined with every shade of blue, in stripes or florals.
* Some hints of red (as in an english flag) - optional.
* White or natural wooden furniture.
* Sofas and armchairs upholstered with white linen.
* Accessories inspired by the sea and nautical life, as a collection of sea shells, a vintage lifesaver, paddles fixed on the wall ...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The transparent simplicity of Carlo Santambrogio's architecture turns every day life into a wonderful liberating experience: the "unbearable lightness of being" in a glass house. Surrounding nature's art couldn't be more emphasized.  How does it feel like watching the snow falling on the ceiling while laying in your bed?

One more dream house by Santambrogiomilano

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