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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Small to Grand

Euro Trash designer Lizzie Carney gives us a brilliant example of decorating small spaces in a glorious way, breaking all the rules! Her "new rules" are genius!

Old Rule: White walls are a must when square footage is limited.
New Rule: Dark colors create the illusion of depth in small rooms.
Old Rule: Cramped quarters call for clean lines.
New Rule: Ornate, embellished details give even the tightest spots a sense of grandeur.

Old Rule: Hidden storage is key to keeping a tiny house tidy.
New Rule: Don't waste space; kill two birds with one stone.

Old Rule: Have a guest room double as an office or den.
New Rule: Turn the room into a single indulgence, like a walk-in closet.

She turned her second bedroom into a closet. I love the idea of painting an outdoor rug with spray.

photographed by Bjorn Wallander for Country Living

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