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Monday, March 7, 2011

Colorful life

Graça, the artist owner of this deliciously colorful house has broken all the rules and replaced them by new liberating ones:

1. Make art out of anything
"Find beauty in the everyday… like cooking pots! When grouped on a wall, they become art. Even boring things like kitchen utensils can be attractively displayed."

2. Paint half a wall
"In Portugal it is traditional to render the bottom half of walls in wood. I have played with tradition and painted part of the walls instead. Shocking pink seems very bright, but when you only paint parts of the wall it makes a great backdrop for furniture."

3. Plants don’t need a garden
"You don’t need any outside space for an indoor garden. I love the fragrance of lavender and the soft colour of pink geraniums. I am growing tomatoes here – you don’t need lots of space for that."

4. Not everything has to match
"The best way to know if an idea will work is to try it. Don’t worry about things matching – I am attracted to anything bright, strong patterns, graphic black and white. If you have enough confidence, anything goes."

5. Make the insignificant significant
"My husband Fransisco and I encourage our two sons to leave their toys and games out, rather than storing them away. They are bright and colourful so why hide them away?"

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